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Jeremy ShippJeremy ShippHarbor Estate Finance
Seth and his team did a great job. I interviewed 3 different video production companies in the Richmond area, and I decided to work with Swood Media because Seth was able to provide other video projects he had completed which were similar to what I wanted to accomplish.Everything went just as he outlined after our initial consultation – no surprises. The video and sound quality of the final videos were excellent, better than what I got with another video production company previously.Seth also worked with me in post production to fix little edits I wanted him to make. I’m very detail-oriented, so it was really satisfying that he was willing to go the extra mile and get everything just right.
Jessica DodgeJessica DodgeHarbor Group
“Seth is very creative, professional and most importantly flexible. I appreciated that Swood Media allowed us to be so involved in the project but he also did an amazing job of suggesting enhancements to our ideas which ultimately turned out a quality product we are very proud of.”
Jim Maehlmann – PresidentJim Maehlmann – PresidentJ&S Marketing & Advertising
“Seth is an achiever whose attention to detail is superior. His execution in developing the J&S Marketing & Advertising website is most definitely an attention getting and creative site. Our strongest comment from a new client is the following. She said “The samples of the work section was exactly what they needed to see toto make the correct agency choice.” Working with Swood Media was a professional and enjoyable experience.
Tim JeffreysTim JeffreysCorpComm
“We at CorpComm appreciate the enthusiasm Swood Media has for the work they does for us. We understand that it can be challenging to work with us / our clients’ indefinite schedules and conversely tight deadlines. Regardless of the situation, the product is delivered as requested.”
Denise HattonDenise HattonMercedes-Benz of Midlothian
“Seth was just fantastic to work with! I needed a number of videos edited together and put on a loop for a trade show that was coming up quickly. Being a video production newbie, I was nervous about getting the project completed on time and looking great. Seth of Swood Media took care of getting necessary HD footage, edited it together seamlessly and when it came time to get it set up for the trade show, he even paid a “house call” to ensure it worked with our AV set-up. Fantastic service and peace of mind, it doesn’t get any better!”
Christian BoswellChristian BoswellBFW Advertising
“Hello Creative Professional:If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably met Seth Wood, Owner of Swood Media, that’s a good thing. Life is going to get easier for you. Because that’s what Seth does – he strolls in, listens to what you have to say, gets a handle on your needs, fires up that MacBook Pro, and a little later on, hands you exactly what you wanted, exactly when you wanted it. Probably a little early, in fact. In between, he might have all of two questions. He’ll figure everything else out. His work will have a very nice, fluid pace and tone. His sound mix will be dead on. His editing will be stylish without being showy. His visual style will be clean and contemporary. His work will be free of gimmickry and cheap techno crutches. Just take a look at his reel. On top of all of that, he’s a nice guy and an easy addition to the team. Every time he’s worked with BFW, my creative people have raved about him. I wish there were more Seths around – and I’d be more than happy to rave about him over the phone, if you’d like. So, there you go. Easy decision!”

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