Video Marketing Changes in 2016

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There is a lot of speculation on what is going to be the hottest new trend in video marketing this year. I have been speaking with sources and searching the interwebs to find out what outlets are going to get even hotter and which new distribution outlets are available. This is what I found.

2015 was a busy year for video. Mobile devices have skyrocketed in usage which means YOUTUBE has been doing well. Check out some of these stats for 2015:

– YouTube announced mid 2015 400 hrs of video uploaded each minute
– Facebook generated 8 BILLION video VIEWS each day
– Content uploaded on 30 video platforms translates into 2.8 TRILLION views

In other words, the mobile video platform is not going anywhere. Projections are that companies who have seen 100% percent increase in mobile device watch time this year, ie. YouTube, will only increase their already established footprint in video distribution. So does that mean I should advertise on YouTube? YES! A well rounded social media campaign should definitely include time on targeted YouTube channels, if your audience is watching. Experts agree that short video ads AND long form content are delivering results on YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat. Long form video content obviously give you more time to establish your brand and stay engaging. Keep the audience engaged with content relevant to them and their needs. Do this with stunning visuals, and gain followers you deserve. Dont believe me? Keep reading…

There is also some dialogue going on about vertical videos and the roll they could play in video advertisements on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. A new study from Wibbitz found that 44 percent of millennials get their content on a mobile device. Walmart via the Martin Agency has already started using vertical screens to show video advertisements at the end of the aisle any many Walmart stores. The vertical screen are coming. Embrace them with caution, or not at all. I have already embraced them along with 3D virtual reality videos now available on Youtube. This new content is blowing minds all around the world. Watch the video on a mobile device or VR glasses and have an experience like never before. Try the video below on your mobile device. This is why content delivery on mobile is growing so fast. Put this type of video content in your own mobile app and reach customers for life, or the life of their phone. How much is a chunk of real estate on someones phone worth? Mobile Apps are the new Domain Names? Almost the same as an actual parcel of land, in my mind. Think about it!

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